Welcome to Widewaters Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. and Trend controls.

As an HVAC company we have been in business since 1989. We were created for the purpose of supporting the Widewaters Group, a premier developer based in Dewitt, New York. A multi-state developer and builder, The Widewaters Group at that time was primarily building and managing Class A office buildings in the Central New York and Rochester area. While office buildings encompassed the majority of developed entities, they also built and managed shopping centers, hotels and flex office buildings. As the group expanded so did we. We were known as Widewaters Environmental Services. Though our main purpose was to service back our parent company, 30 percent of our business came from outside sources.

The Widewaters group had many additional companies which included a construction company, cleaning company, energy management division, and affiliations with one of Central New York largest real-estate companies, Pyramid Brokerage, Inc. read more...


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